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Canada urgently needs more skilled trades workers.  Shop classes in highschool can help us get there.

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As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • All students should be actively encouraged to participate in school programs which emphasize hands-on practical skills, including learning to build with common materials and proficiently work with common tools. This type of training builds confidence, a sense of pride, and accomplishment. Therefore, we will advocate for investment in next-generation well-equipped shop classes to encourage the development of these important life skills.
  • Due to liability concerns and the need to have two teachers present in some shop classes to ensure safety, many such programs have been cancelled or stripped of power tools to reduce the risk of harm. As trustees, we feel the rewards of these programs outweigh the inherent risks of working with power tools. To minimize legal concerns for school boards, we would propose to require a parent or guardian to sign a legal waiver of liability allowing their children to receive shop class training if they wish.
  • Significant numbers of highly skilled tradespeople with years of real-world work experience are expected to retire from their jobs over the next ten years. We will seek to establish formal outreach and incentive programs to encourage those willing to consider a second career teaching in high school shop classes. Doing so will give them a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with the younger generation.

These high school students design and build there own electric guitars in shop class.

Welding Shop Class at Mt. Vernon High School.

Whitby high school shop class gives kids hand-on experience.