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As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • We will acknowledge that our public schools are failing male students and that efforts must be made to prioritize finding solutions to this chronic problem given its significant societal impact.
  • We would seek to solicit public opinion on the merits of a trial program in designated public schools to have young boys start school one year later than girls. This proposal is based on the idea that a delayed school start—often referred to as “redshirting" may offer significant benefits for male children. Parents and educators are strongly encouraged to consider the merits of this proposal as outlined here. We are not endorsing the idea at this time but feel it does warrant discussion with parents and educators.
  • We have an abundance of programs and promotional materials in our K-12 schools designed to encourage female students to consider careers in STEM fields and skilled trades. Such materials must also include encouragement for male students to pursue similar career goals. We believe all students should benefit from such programs and promotions.
  • We believe all students, and males in particular, benefit from a structured learning environment and a school culture which emphasizes a culture of discipline throughout. As trustees we will advocate to implement, on a trial basis in designated public schools, policies designed to emulate the highly disciplined school culture of the Michaela Community School in Britain which has achieved outstanding academic results working with students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.
  • While all students should be actively encouraged to participate, we believe male students gravitate toward school programs which emphasize hands-on practical skills, including learning to build with common materials and proficiently work with common tools. This type of training builds confidence, a sense of pride, and accomplishment. Therefore, we will advocate for investment in next-generation well-equipped shop classes to encourage the development of these important life skills.
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