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The necessary limits of "Inclusion".

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Blueprint for Canada is a major public policy experiment designed to give Canadians a voice. If you support the majority of positions taken on this platform please share our website with your social network both online and in real life. Most importantly, please consider emailing this website's address ( to your elected representative and ask them to make the "Blueprint for Canada" K-12 education platform policies the standard for public education in your province or territory. Find your local Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec) here. Add your voice today to those of tens of thousands of other parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens all across the country standing up for Canada.

As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • We will call out any ideology which aims to normalize sexual relationships between adults and children under the guise of "Queer Theory" activism in schools.
  • We will not, under any circumstances, support affirming any student who opts to identify as an animal, fairy tale creature, anime character, etc.
  • We will oppose all efforts to remove so called "gendered" language" from official school board documentation and policy statements under the guise of "inclusion".     
  • We will seek to raise awareness that the school to gender affirmative medical care pipeline starts with:
    • "Gender ideology" indoctrination in schools that legitimizes the concept of “gender identity” and allows gender identity to supersede and obscure the reality of biological sex.
    • Policies forcing immediate affirmation by staff and teachers and hiding student trans self-identification from parents.
    • Medical "Gender Affirming Care".
    • Sterilization and other side effects.
  • All of the above is done in the name of "inclusion". School boards and teachers are morally and potentially legally responsible if their policies lead children down these paths without advising parents or obtaining parental consent in matters concerning their own children.
  • There are some who claim that any demand for high academic standards, proper classroom discipline, staff professionalism, student dress codes, civil behaviour, and any manner of moral/ethical codes are to be deemed "oppressive”. The same advocates claim these concepts are rooted in “privilege” and at odds with "inclusion". We disagree. The best thing one can do for marginalized students is to create a school culture which encourages all students to reach higher and focus on continuous self-improvement. One of the best examples of this type of thinking is the Michaela Community School in Britain which continues to achieve outstanding results.
The Halton Regional District School Board in Ontario is standing by this teacher on the grounds of protecting their "gender identity". There must be limits to inclusion...
Ontario Teacher

All you ever wanted to know about "Furries" public advocacy. How long until this is mainstreamed in our K-12 public schools? Are there perhaps necessary limits to "inclusion" in a healthy society?

" " website
"What is a Woman?" documentary

If you are a parent with children or teens in the public school system the "What is a Woman?" documentary may be the most important danger warning you will ever get.

"Exposing SOGI123 " website

In the name of "inclusion", many K-12 public school libraries in Canada include books targeting children which include explicit sexual imagery and, in some cases, content which could be described as child pornography.

Other books are designed to normalize gender-affirming medical care giving the deceptive impression to children that these practices are normal and harmless. Parents... see for yourself here. 

If you feel this is not right we encourage citizens to form delegations to speak to these concerns with your local school boards. It is up to parents and concerned citizens to demand these materials be removed from your local public school libraries. To learn how this is done visit your local school board website and request details on how to make a presention/delegation to your school board.

Today educators are pressured to put their "preferred pronouns" in their email signatures to support "inclusion". Will racial identifiers be next? Is this what we should be teaching our kids?

Adult Babies