Resources covering: Alternative Education Options for K-12

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The links below are offered to help Canadian families looking for alternative options to the public education system. Please note that these websites are not formally affiliated with Blueprint for Canada. As such, we can not vouch for the content or quality of any programs listed. Parents should due their own due diligence and ask appropriate questions as they deem necessary.

School Pods

Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents

A2Z Homeschooling (Worldwide including Canada)

Learning Pods Canada

Virtual High School

Khan Academy

Well Trained Mind Academy

Spirit of Math Schools

Edmonton is the world leader in school choice.
New Charter School Hub

Learn about Alberta’s K-12 public charter schools and find resources to help choose, establish or administer a public charter school.

Ontario School Choice

The Alberta Classical Academy is one example of a public charter school. 

"Our tuition-free classical education programs provide students with an academically rigorous and traditional liberal arts education, equipping them with the virtues, knowledge, and habits befitting free citizens. 

Our Calgary program currently serves grades K-6, and we will open a K-8 program in Edmonton in the 2023/24 academic year. Our grade offerings will expand each year until we deliver a full K-12 program."

Alberta Classical Academy