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A back to basics approach for teaching math.  

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Blueprint for Canada is a major public policy experiment designed to give Canadians a voice. If you support the majority of positions taken on this platform please share our website with your social network both online and in real life. Most importantly, please consider emailing this website's address ( to your elected representative and ask them to make the "Blueprint for Canada" K-12 education platform policies the standard for public education in your province or territory. Find your local Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec) here. Add your voice today to those of tens of thousands of other parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens all across the country standing up for Canada.

As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • We will reject any notion that the traditional teaching of mathematics in any way perpetuates "white supremacy" or "colonialism". To paraphrase, in Canadian K-12 math classrooms, 2+2=4 (always) and the emphasis on any mathematics problem will be on getting the correct answer.
  • We will oppose any effort to incorporate "woke math" into the curriculum.
  • We will fully support efforts to move away from discredited "Discovery Math" back to traditional formulas and memorization techniques that work.  We will advocate for the teaching of "Traditional Math" along with math skills repetition and practice.
  • We will advocate for the use of traditional hardcopy textbooks for all subjects as opposed to "online textbooks" which require students to read their contents or perform exercises using a computer or tablet screen. This is particularly important for mathematics, reading, and writing. We believe that performing mathematical exercises by hand using traditional pencil and paper offers cognitive advantages for students.
  • We will oppose the use of calculators in younger K-8 grades while students are still building foundational level math skills. 
  • Woke Math

    It is worth noting the "woke" math teachers managed to get the wrong answer here...  (17x19 = 323 and not 423)


Woke Math