Blueprint for Canada Pro-Parental Rights

 K-12 "Anti-Woke" Education Platform

A non-partisan platform for Canadians on the moderate political left and right seeking an alternative to the animosity, division, and hatred created by "Woke Ideology".  We offer a time-tested and proven alternative based on promoting "Classical Liberal" values within our public education system and broader society for the benefit of all Canadians.

Read our sample policies here.

Blueprint for Canada is a major public policy experiment designed to give Canadians a voice. If you support the majority of positions taken on this platform please share our website with your social network both online and in real life. Most importantly, please consider emailing this website's address ( to your elected representative and ask them to make the "Blueprint for Canada" K-12 education platform policies the standard for public education in your province or territory. Find your local Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec) here. Add your voice today to those of tens of thousands of other parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens all across the country standing up for Canada.

How critical race theory (CRT) destroy schools and organizations.
How Ontario’s Personalized Educational Approach Was Sacrificed on the Altar of Equity.
2 + 2 = White Supremacy: How Woke Ideologues Corrupted Canada’s Math Curriculum.
How ‘Progressive Discipline’ Turned Ontario Schools into a Battleground. 
"This academic year is on track to become the most violent in history for the Toronto school district, the largest and most influential in Canada."
"I loved my job and I leave with no regrets, but I’m sincerely worried about what the future holds under our current public education system." Full article by Bil Nolin. (A recently retired teacher.)
Leave Woke Politics Out of Ontario Schools - Sign the Petition! 
Note: Blueprint for Canada is a shared platform for public education policy in Canada developed by parents, educators, and concerned citizens. It is understood that we cannot realistically expect every school board trustee candidate to support every position taken. An endorsement of the platform should therefore be considered to mean that the candidate supports the vast majority (80% or more) of these policy positions. Individual candidates may vary in their support of specific policy proposals, and we fully support their right to do so.
Parents and Guardians:  If you want to know what is really happening in your children's classrooms we strongly recommend following the Twitter accounts below.

Let's start by making great public schools for all of Canada's kids!

We also call for fully funded alternatives to current provincial public K-12 education systems including private and charter schools to support parental choice in education.

  • Improve Education

    More emphasis on personal finance, computer skills, tech, and sciences.

    Scientifically validated methods for teaching i.e. phonics (reading) and memorization (math skills)

  • Make Schools Safer

    Reverse recent bans on police officers in schools.

  • Keeps Schools Open

    E-learning is far less effective than in-person instruction. We'll work to keep schools open for your children.

  • Protect Taxpayers

    Prohibit sole-source contracts. Strengthen policies which prevent conflict of interest.

  • Respecting Parental Rights

    We will survey parents annually on important issues.

    We will never shutdown parental delegations on any contentious social or cultural issue.

  • No Lottery Based Admissions

    We will oppose lottery based admissions to specialty high schools.

  • Unity

    Zero tolerance for racism or discrimination against students of any background in the classroom.

  • Building Strong Communities

    We will work hard to make our schools a key part of strong communities.

  • Supporting Mental Health

    Teach children mental health strategies which emphasize resilience for long term benefits.

It's also time to remove extremist political ideology from the classroom.

What is "Woke Ideology"? (Perhaps the most important page on this site.) 


"Equity" initatives and "Restorative Justice" have destroyed the classroom.

Promoting Diversity

Diversity can be a strength... but only if it is implemented in ways which don't divide people.

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The problem with "Equity"

Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome... and at what cost?

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Limits of Inclusion
The necessary limits of "Inclusion"

A healthy society must impose limits on exposing children to fringe adult behavior.

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Sex Based Rights
Respecting Student's Sex Based Rights in Public Schools

Students must have the right to access single sex based facilities in our schools.

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Gender Ideology
Teaching of "Gender Ideology" in Public Schools

There are two theories on the nature of gender. Why are schools not teaching both?

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Gender Affirmation
Why School Boards must resist "Gender Affirmation" policies

Gender affimative medical care is destroying the lives of children.

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No Safe Spaces
Sane Spaces not Safe Spaces

Free speech and the dangers of promoting "Victimhood culture".

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Changing the narrative around "Colonialism"

It's time our public schools told the full truth about the colonial period.

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Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory (CRT)

CRT invariably manifests in animosity, division, and ultimately hate.

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Chanel Pfahl
Defending our Teachers

The Chanel Pfahl Story

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A second Ontario teacher speaks out.
Pride Flag
A Tale of Two Flags

The traditional Pride flag and the Progress flag symbolize very different ideas.

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What's in your school library?

Graphic sexual imagery and extreme ideology for starters. Learn more...

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Now let's deal with a few other important issues...

Shop Class
Bring back shop classes

We need students to explore the skilled trades more than ever.

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Boy Crisis
The Boy Crisis

Boys are underperforming in school. We need real solutions.

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Britain's Strictest Headmistress

In one of London's least advantaged communities, one high discipline school is achieving astounding results.

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Less Tech
We need less tech in the classroom

Evidence is mounting for a return to paper, pencils, cursive handwriting, and books.

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Fitness programs at school

Let's work toward at least 30 min per day of physical activity in our schools. 

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School Resource Officers
School Resource Officers

SRO's play a crucial role in maintaining safe schools for all.  School violence can no longer be ignored.

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Teaching Reading
How to teach reading 

Phonics and "Core Knowledge" lead the way in teaching our kids to read.

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Teaching Math
How to teach math 

Despite what some would have your kids believe, in Canada's K-12 public schools 2+2=4 

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Sex Education
Sex education

A sex education curriculum that respects the rights of parents.

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The problem with destreaming

Why "destreaming" doesn't work.

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School Boards
School Boards and Trustees

We need new rules for school boards and trustees. 

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School Uniforms
School Uniforms

Making the case for school uniforms in our public schools.

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It's time to build unity in Canada's K-12 public schools... not division!

Our K-12 public schools teach children variations of the so-called "Wheel of Power" which portray all differences in group outcomes to "White Privilege" or "Power Imbalances". We offer the "Wheel of Maximized Cultural Achievements". Schools of Education are deliberately confusing these concepts with Western cultural achievements. Our new teachers shouldn't be taught to denigrate the culture that created democracy, liberated women, abolished slavery, and created the modern world. Notably race and ethnicity have nothing to do with differences regarding different group outcomes.

Please share this with high school, college, and university students. They need to see it.

The "Progress Flag" has evolved into a political symbol representing four core ideological ideas all of which promote division, animosity, harm, and ultimately hate. As parents we reject this hate and division in our communities. We call for the removal of the flag and all related propaganda in our schools.

Anti-woke training resources for parents, teachers, staff, and students.

Visit Woke Watch Canada for factual reporting on the ideological extremism being taught in Canada's K-12 schools.   

Recommended resources for parents and educators. (External links)

New Discourses
New Discourses

The ultimate site for those seeking to understand the philosophical roots of woke ideology.

Heterodox Academy
Heterodox Academy

We fostering three key principles: open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement.

Quillette Magazine
Quillette Magazine

Free Thought Lives!

Diverse Perspectives Consulting
Diverse Perspectives Consulting

At Diverse Perspectives Consulting, we believe that we can improve the social and workplace climate through open communication and mutual understanding.


Lighthouse is a diverse network of people who champion classical liberal values in Canadian communities.  Strongly recommended. 

Color Us United
Color Us United

Color Us United is a home for those who want to live in a society united in our individuality and freedoms.

Theory of Enchantment
Theory of Enchantment

Learn how to cultivate unity in your workplace with a diversity & inclusion program that teaches love.

Moral Courage College
Moral Courage College

"Diversity without Division" 

Free Black Thought
Free Black Thought

Black thought varies as widely as black individuals.

Constructive Dialogue Institute
Constructive Dialogue Institute

Our psychology-based educational tools help people discuss complex and divisive topics with ease, even when they disagree.

The Mill Center
The Mill Center

We turn down the heat on controversial topics so educators and students can untangle complex issues together.

EmpowerED Pathways
EmpowerED Pathways

Empowered Pathways gracefully rejects the collectivist political approach to increasing well-being and trusting relationships and work from a human-centered approach.